Our educational works in the face of the imminent reality of contingency caused by COVID 19, began an internal and community preparation for what the world is facing, always hoping that perhaps the virus would not reach our Province. However, faster than It was expected, the first cases of contagion occurred in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

In this way, we first came together to reflect and receive the guidance of our leaders, the Provincial Father, his team, the rectors, the managers of the works. All responded assertively, and were attentive to what was offered on the networks and they also raised concerns. Some of the responses over time were resolved by the government entities of each country, and others were reflected collectively reaching consensus that have allowed us to continue offering the educational service, our Ministry.

It seemed that we had no time enough to prepare us, it has been an act in the middle of life without waiting, but through time, we have been able to activate all our internal and external networks to give a responsible response to our educational communities, here the question arose: what is the objective of education at the moment? We ask ourselves: which is the pedagogical way for the life of our students?

Thus, the response has been to act in a comprehensive, community and provincial manner. Although the schools have generated some organized work proposals within their teams, in our network of schools, the provincial Ministry teams have been key to generate processes and orientations for the educational communities.

In this order of ideas, within the different strategies implemented, are the virtual meetings of the management teams of the works, to determine the organization of virtual activities offered to students and families, virtual spaces for community prayer with the educators of the works, meetings with the provincial teams to guide and accompany, generating guidelines and accompaniment for the directors, promotion and prevention actions from the human and spiritual formation of the students and their families.

Highlighting the collective construction of guiding material on crisis management and coping strategies, among many more guide materials.

Finally, we have proposed that, to face the situation we are experiencing, we must assume it as a challenge. As a great opportunity to unite as a society, getting ahead in the midst of adversity, reinventing ourselves and making explicit the invitation to grow in fraternal union, consolidating a synodal response, sharing among educational communities what has been working for us, virtual education – web pages, material produced by ourselves, applications, among other elements – and thus improve pedagogical practices in each of the schools.

Trusting in God and giving priority to life, our Nazareth Province remains united, faithful to community work, joining efforts and accompanying educational communities.

Gladis Cuellar Ibáñez

Provincial Pedagogical Coordinator