SUMMEM: learn and live aims to expand the didactic scenarios in the application of the curriculum, implementing a space that enables interdisciplinarity. At the same time, it must allow and facilitate the design of a structure that ensures cooperative interaction in a group as an environment for competency learning and that facilitates the inclusion of all students.

Within this desire of updating and renewal can be positioned the SUMMEM: learn and live program which we can specify with the following three main lines:

  • Implement a new distribution of space and time in the curricular organization in the different stages, which allows interdisciplinary work.
  • Pedagogically base the implementation of the curriculum in the different stages, to ensure the application of the Methodological Style of the Pious Schools of Catalonia and the work by competences.
  • Ensure the inclusive nature of the didactic proposal, through cooperative learning.

These broad lines are specified in the following 10 objectives:

  1. Putting into practice and / or working together, in a real context, on the background of the various areas of knowledge.
  2. Help the students to detect interesting and real problems, and to look for solutions.
  3. Learn, from local experiences, to transfer it to global and general situations.
  4. Help transfer knowledge, to be able to apply them in different contexts and in a constantly changing world.
  5. Understand the world better and want and be able to act on it.
  6. Situate, definitively and clearly, the competences (also those related to personal, emotional and ethical growth) at the center of learning and evaluation.
  7. Connect with the experiences of the students and give the learning a useful and practical character.
  8. Guarantee the progress of each and every one of the students, with their own characteristics and learning styles.
  9. Encourage cooperative learning among students; In order to learn better and at the same time learn to cooperate, to assume individual responsibilities, to help others and to work as a team.
  10. Ensure work and individual learning, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

These objectives are specified in an adaptable organizational proposal for the different stages, and in a pedagogical conceptualization that bases the educational proposal of the interdisciplinary work.

We understand the renovation, the SUMMEM, as a means to make a school more and more inclusive, more welcoming, more human, more coherent with what our mission is:

Educate children and young people, to help them grow as free and autonomous people who, critically, can live in community and feel committed to building a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.