Authors: Ivette Contreras Molina, M. Ed.
Jorge Campa Pérez, M. Ed.

Scope: Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico. Cristóbal Colón University. Students; Academic personnel, administrative and directive staff.

The proposal responds three realities:
● Facing the culture of opacity, clientelism, impunity and corruption which Veracruz State and contemporary Mexico currently experience, our University is commited to educate and emulate honesty, authenticity and truth, implementing a culture based on accountability and transparency.
● Vis a vis the current purely commercial educational tendencies (i.e. for profit, that simulate to educate, far and remote distant from the sociopolitical issues) our University offers a truthful learning experience directed to social justice and transformation.
● With the explicit resolve of answering the need of bolstering the Calasanzian identity becoming an organization wholly “cooperator of the Truth” .

● To strenghen the congruence between thinking/communicating and acting in all university community members.
● To foster the integrity among all university constituents.
● To promote knowledge and respect to the principles, values and honor code
● To develop tranformative leaders who contribute in building a better world.

● Governing board.
● Honor Council.
● Integrity System person in charge

Functions of the person in charge of the Integrity System:
● To conceive and to develop the work plan for the system (it includes, promotion, training and awareness increase; development and implementation evaluation)
● To conform complaint files regarding Honor and Transparency Code compliance.
● To present to the Honor Council the complaint file
● To follow up resolutions of verdicted cases
● To keep updated Integrity System normative
● To deliver official communication to the constituents

Functions of the Honor Council
● To determin partakers responsibilities in complaints and suggest veredict resultions

Functions of the Governing Board
● To sanction final veredicts and to resolve when appeal
● To deliver final and official communication veredict

The starting points are these three tools:
(1) The “honor, conduct and tranparency code”, is a document that deals with integrity standards and norms to which university community members had to adjust:
● It will be circulated throughout; there will be a permanent awareness campaign.
● Honour Council members will be trained.
● Normative framework will have to be considered both internal (i.e. University regulations) and external (i.e. applicable norms such as privacy Act) in orden to create regulatory development of Integrity System.
● University Personnel and Students inductive training will include Integrity System.
● It will be worked out particularly with teachers and students re “academic honesty” .

(2) Conflict of interest form: is a document that expreses the commitment of all University Community members to work congruently to the Honor Code avoiding conflicts of interest.
● It will be circulated throughout; there will be a permanent awareness and of its groundworks campaign.
● It is signed by all University Community constituents
● It is included in hiring process for both academic an non academic workers.

(3) Transparency line: it is a confidential communication channel. Any University member can use it to inform and/or complaint about Honor Code matter.
● It will be available through the University web page. It will have a daily follow up, ( that includes prompt answers, writing reports to the concerned parties and others) by the person in charge of the Integrity System, under Governing Board supervision.
● Particular attention will be given to academic dishonesty issues and the teachers and students involved.

The University has been working in this matter for over a year although is not fully implemented yet. The experience of sister universities such as UDEM (University of Monterrey, which inspired us) give more than enough evidence to argue that it will help us to become better “thruth cooperators” and ultimately to be a more Calasanzian University.