Jose M ª Bautista, “The Young, Today”


For Bautista it is necessary to “understand” our young people “to be able to love them” and stressed that “the world of young people today is not the world of young people today, but the world today.” “You have to get into the culture of the people and from there, spread the experience of faith,” he explained during his presentation. The pedagogue gave some keys to the “Y” generation that is currently in the classroom and explained that, on many occasions, it is a problem of perspective. “The problem is not in our kids, but in the way we have to see them,” he said during the Day. Among the keys to a school in today’s world, Bautista defended the need to “generate happiness as an indispensable condition of a creative school” and confirmed as one of the primary objectives of the school’s ability as “discoverer of talents in Students.”

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Philosopher, philologist, teacher and writer, Jose María Bautista, has directed the Program on Emotional Intelligence and Synergies between School and Family of FERE, carried out by more than 4 million students, educators and families. He works to carry the innovation to schools from Be Up Education and he dreams of a classroom in which active methodologies are used and in which movement, passion, creativity and experimentation take the main role.
In his Linkedin profile he writes: “My passion is the subject of ‘passion’. Today the key is not in technology, nor in quality, nor in planning. The great disruptive element is passion. The companies that are born, are born because of passion; those that grow, do it because of passion, and those that die, they do not do it because they do not know how to adapt to their technological environment; they die because before their passion had died. Another passion is writing. I enjoy and I suffer while writing. It is an act of dialogue with myself and with so many people with whom I share a passion”.