Dennis Shirley, “The challenges of Education today”

“Students are not going to like school unless we like it,” he said. “The most important thing, stressed the professor, is to learn to be united, because we live in networks of mutual dependency”. And he defended the crucial role of the educator in the process of training the students. “Never ever say I’m just an educator! Don’t give up! This is our challenge and our cause,” he defended during his intervention.

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Currently, Dennis Shirley is Professor of Education in Lynch School of education in Boston College. Dennis has dedicated his life to the improvement of education. He is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Educational Change, a resource for leaders of change in the school. He is an itinerant educator. Dennis has made investigations and workshops on professional development directed to educators in the five continents and his work has been translated to many languages. Currently he is working on a new book titled “New imperatives of educational change: Achievement with integrity.”
Dennis has worked with educators from around the world to help to clarify their problems, to identify promising strategies, and to implement and evaluate changes. He combines well cutting-edge research with the proximity to teachers responsible for teaching young people in the daily work. Therefore, he is highly valued by his respect for teachers and their commitment to students and their learning.